Small villages in Europe

Giethoorn is a small village in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands. The beauty of thatched roof houses, hundred year old wooden bridges, fragrant flower gardens and shady walkways makes Giethoorn known as the "Venice of the Netherlands".
Hallstatt is located in the state of Oberösterreich, Austria. You will clearly feel the beauty of Hallstatt by sailing by boat or ferry over the lake near the Dachstein mountain range. Hallstatt also has ancient 12th century churches, comfortable romantic candlelit restaurants.
The town of Sintra (Portugal) was hailed by the English poet Lord Byron as the most beautiful city in the world in 1809. Sintra is beautiful in every corner. There are many vestiges of the 19th century recognized as UNESCO World Heritage. You can visit the Pena Palace of King Ferdinand II and stroll through the gardens.
The coastal areas in Italy have romance, but Taormina, a town on the island of Sicily has a beauty difficult to verbalize. Taormina has many old houses, ancient ruins and streets of many cafes along the road. However, if you want to discover new places in Asia, let’s take a Indochina tour package to satisfy your curiosity.
Colmar (France), the birthplace of the famous wine of Alsace, is covered with vines, houses bringing the romantic pastel color, Renaissance churches and small bridges spanning the peaceful stream.
The town Soglio is located in the valley of Bregaglia (Switzerland) on the Alps. Soglio means "door of heaven". The tourists coming here often walk in the cobbled streets, breathe the air of the mountain and the scent of the roses in the historic garden Palazzo Salis.

∞ … a vessel of structured light which, within, comprises an intelligent superposition over timespace »and thus identity…
— millenia ago
Consider this carefully: what is »an intelligent superposition? There is no token that refers to this in language. None. And none that imply it could supervene over the entire range of personal and communal identity, ‘location’, and form. Such an ‘object’ would have the connotation ‘more of a being than all people’, yet would not be a person or actual ‘entity’, but rather »a way of travel in multiple simultaneous dimensions that are impossible for us to formally model, if we can even conceive of them…

∞ There are at least 3 orders to language

∞ There are at least 3 orders to language. Most people acquire only crude skills with the first order, description, denotation, naming, and so on. But even here they will form questions that require a second-order awareness. They will be unaware of this. Questions such as ‘What is the meaning of life?’ are questions that, if answerable, would change the meanings of all questions. Including this one. Which cannot happen. The reason is that second-order phenomenon (from which meaning derives) cannot be (formally, completely) instanced in first-order language behavior. This is part of the power metaphor: that it is incomplete, in-explicit, figurative, and suggests rather than derives gestalts from constellations of correspondences that it actually partly invents, rather than merely revealing. It is a second-order language. And so, too, parable. “Humor” depends intimately upon a related feature of metaphor.

∞ There is a lot of discussion in poorly articulated circles about ‘aliens’

∞ There is a lot of discussion in poorly articulated circles about ‘aliens’. I’ve been attentive to this topic since early childhood, and over the intervening years, I have consumed an absurd quantity of diverse information on the topic. My own perspectives (not beliefs, perspectives), orbit a few elemental observations.
1. Timespace itself is (more than merely) intelligent, and what we are looking for in the sky, we are ignoring in ourselves and near at hand. This leads to psychotic fictions — and paranoia. Which brings us to …
2. There are no criteria by which I can cause myself to imagine that any actually advanced or intelligent alien species ‘somewhat like our own’ would be inclined to consider us intelligent. At all. We aren’t. Bluntly, we are, approximately, the self-and-other-obliterating end of the rod. This looks like intelligence… only to itself. And to »nothing else alive.
3. A relatively significant portion of this phenomenon borders on terrains our conceptual frameworks, expectations, suppositions and declarations »cannot even approach. If we »start there, instead of in their thrall, we have a chance to learn something. Otherwise? Well, back to #2.
4. The pop-psy term ‘abduction’ in this context refers to far too many phenomenon, some of which are obviously at least semi-psychosomatic, delusional, personal, hypnogogic, or in some other way not actually related to the question of alien encounters. This confusion leads back to #2.
5. The idea that there will be, might be, or should be ‘disclosure’ is a rather poorly-hyperbolized fantasy for a vast range of reasons, the first being that any existing human collective would be advanced or intelligent enough to have any chance of apprehending the phenomenon. The orders of intelligence involved are not covalent. Additionally, presently organized human collectives do not pursue knowledge as such, but rather its tactically accessible derivatives. Which leads us back to #2. And any intelligent species would recognize this. Notice that we do not. Which, you guessed it, leads us back to #2.
But further, the idea that the duplicitous, parasitic, predatory, and totally conflicted commercial governments would suddenly declare that another intelligent species exists is nearly impossible. It would obliterate the entire farce of human political masquerades and all of their duplicitous lies, fictions and functions would, in all likelihood, become immediately and permanently apparent.
In other words, this revelation would destroy our entire game, and the cultures that have long structured themselves around this game as if it were: human, democratic, intelligent, just, progressive, advanced, or even original.
It wasn’t.
Which brings us back to #2.

∞ One can usefully imagine the mind as a hand

∞ One can usefully imagine the mind as a hand. The metaphor is excellent, and true. The problem is this: most of what we are trained to see, think, say, like, and desire… involves ‘only the perspective from the tip of the index finger’. From here, there is ‘no such thing as a hand’, and ‘everything is a part’. In fact, ‘Science’ as most people know or think about it is the product of a »tiny portion of this perspective, and ‘Religion’ has become something like ‘the second joint’ (i.e: pointless).
But a mind that is a fingertip sees nothing at all, and can only joust. Science is actually a structural aspect of the entire hand and all its possibilities. Religion has »nothing to do with fingertips, and is actually ‘about’ the »wrist. An index finger »has no grasp whatsoever, and cannot actually manipulate anything. It just ‘pushes and points’. To ‘hold’ or ‘apprehend’ anything at all »a whole hand is required.
And ‘language’, which pretends to be the putative ‘God’ of meaning, origin, identity and relation, is just an implementation »of a tiny portion of the index finger’s possible tracings in dust. One »way of tracing, among an infinity. Figurative, invented, and nothing like reality or that to which it supposedly ‘refers’. Since we are trained to ‘think in the style of language’ we do »not even get the index finger’s capacities in this regard, but rather, those of ‘the compelling shadow that results from one method of moving the finger’.
And all of this is the literal source of every human nightmare, atrocity, delusion and concern. Indeed, we are oriented and concerned by little else, because the tracings of the index finger, having long ago replaced reality, intelligence, divinity — and even relation — are now the actual and crippling ‘Gods’ of our minds, fake intelligence, and falsified humanity. This is ‘religion’ and ‘science’, in the modern moment, is similarly hobbled by the purposes that drive and inform its actual practice and produce. Index and Push, or Grasp and Relate.
The Hand. You’ve been overlooking it for far, far too long. While it has no eyes, it is an older and far more reliable ‘way of seeing’.

∞ It is crucial to realize that no machine can ‘play chess’

∞ It is crucial to realize that no machine can ‘play chess’. It is formally impossible. What machines do is numeric analysis. The same is true of poker. To ‘play’ a game or sport requires an actual intelligence; no machine has or can acquire this order of existence in the same way that a photograph of your mother cannot acquire the identity of your mother, nor her ‘functions’. What machines do is mechanical analysis. This may simulate ‘play’ »only if we decide this definition is roughly equivalent. This decision is irrational, and simply wrong.

“The goal prefigures the species of the elements of experience and discovery

“The goal prefigures the species of the elements of experience and discovery. Where the goal continually improves itself, sometimes by leaps, sometimes by steps, one can trust in the path and its processes. Perhaps many of us are unaware of our goals in forming ideas, speech and activities. Few are aware that the goal has three faces; inward (yin), outward (yang), and hidden (origin). Each of these may be layered, and becoming conscious of them is a fascinating and rewarding experience. As one gains the capacity to sense one’s own goals, or the anatomy of our motivation, many new abilities and senses arise. This is perhaps due to the fact that a great deal of effort was required to maintain their status as hidden from awareness. And this effort results in all sorts of confusing outcomes, derivations, theories, opinions and so on. The categories we derive for experience and the way we distinguish participants and elements of context… all of these derive their species and thus their functions from the purposive roots that give rise to the urge to act or not, and in what capacities. Even this text is such and example, and it can be traced back to the purposes that induced the necessity of producing it. These are not simple, but complex; and whatever we view as having precedence will further shape our relationship with the next phases of thought or interpretation.”
— an anonymous informant

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How we party!!!! Woot!!
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It was wonderful to experience “Yellow Fog” by Studio Olafur Eliasson in Vienna

It was wonderful to experience “Yellow Fog” by Studio Olafur Eliasson in Vienna. Yellow fog rising from grates in the ground at dusk. The fog rises unevenly, “organically”, alongside the Verbund-Gebäudes in the historic Am Hof square — transforming the plaza. The sky, the sunset, the clouds — brought to earth in ways that are both highly poetic and clearly artificial (the mechanisms of the mirage are clearly visible). A joy to interact with the yellow fog and to walk inside it.

LAST MINUTE PHOTO ADVENTURE – STOCKHOLM (Tuesday 18th), I have a last minute opportunity to use a fantastic studio and want to know if anyone is up…

I have a last minute opportunity to use a fantastic studio and want to know if anyone is up for a cosplay / martial art / medieval mashup =) (I have the lead character: a martial arts model) – TOMORROW (Tuesday 18th all day)
Looking for:
TWO awesomely dressed medieval armoured extras (male or female)
ONE assistant to take behind the scenes footage and help out with the shoot.
MUA would also be cool but please note this is not a paid gig.
It is very last minute so it will either work if I can get everyone together – or not =)
There is no pay – I can offer you an epic portrait for your time that you will get soon after the shoot and I will be getting refreshments and pizza (or similar) for everyone.
I am grabbing the opportunity and going all out to make something cool happen.
TOMORROW – at Sundbyberg from around 11.00 until late afternoon – I will give details if you are available and interested.
ps – this is a fantasy / martial arts / medieval mashup that has no historical value.

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